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Susan Odom
Adam Bachstetter and Danielle Lyons study how glial cells in the brain interact with neurons to support brain health.
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Social Work Professor Turns Foster Care Journey Into Life of Research, Education, Advocacy

Growing up in the foster care system, Jay Miller often felt alone and afraid. Today the assistant professor in the UK College of Social Work dedicates himself to advocating for a better life than what he experienced for foster care youth.

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NSF Fellowships

UK Superfund Center Identifies Potential Link Between Pollutants and Human Disease Risk

UK scientists are helping to lead the way in understanding the linkage between environmental pollutants and human disease risk.

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UK Receives $1 Million Grant to Connect Children in Appalachia to Health Insurance

The University of Kentucky Center of Excellence in Rural Health received funding from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to help enroll eligible children in health coverage Connecting Kids to Coverage campaign.

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Turf Research Day

Latest Research on Physical Therapy in ICU Setting a 'Surprising Reversal'

A study published in the most recent edition of JAMA by Dr. Peter Morris determined that a protocol providing physical therapy to ICU patients with acute respiratory failure did not shorten hospital length of stay. The study, which is the largest to-date on this topic, reversed findings from earlier pilot studies.

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