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Kristin Ashford's research focuses on pre-term birth prevention, in part through the CenteringPregnancy group care.
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UK Plant Breeder Develops New Tall Fescue Variety

Research at the University of Kentucky has led to the development of an important new variety of grass for animals to graze on. The new tall fescue Tim Phillips has developed is nontoxic to grazing animals, drought tolerant, and insect resistant.

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UK CDAR Leads Research Investigating Progressive Therapies to Treat Opioid Addiction

Researchers at the UK Center for Drug and Alcohol Research are instrumental leaders conducting important clinical trials on progressive therapies to treat opioid addiction.

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UK Study Suggests Dementia Diagnosis Could Have a Silver Lining

In a study of 48 adults with a diagnosis of early dementia or mild cognitive impairment, almost half reported positive changes in life outlook and quality of life, countering the assumption that this diagnosis would have a uniformly negative impact.

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Mentoring a Key Factor in Spinal Cord Researcher's Success

Budding scientist Jenna VanRooyen credits her mentors in the Rabchevsky lab for her success, which includes an NIH grant and a top award from the National Neurotrauma Society.

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