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Astronomy Professor, Team Potentially Discover a 'Fifth Force' of Nature

UK's Susan Gardner is one of seven authors of a study out of the University of California, Irvine, that indicates the potential discovery of a previously unknown subatomic particle. The study was published in Physical Review Letters this month and is receiving national attention.

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Low Back Pain Sufferers Experience Relief With UK Researcher's New Treatment

Millions of Americans suffering from low back pain could soon have a quick, cost-effective and permanent solution for the debilitating ailment. The solution was pioneered by UK researcher Tom Hedman.

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Qiang Ye

Math Professor Receives $225,000 NSF Grant to Address Computational Arithmetic Issues

The three-year grant will allow Qiang Ye and his team to develop new methods to more accurately compute eigenvalues of large matrices — a computation that has many scientific and engineering applications such as Google search page ranking, structure design, image processing and circuit simulations.

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Revitalization Grant

UK Ag Programs Receive $1.46 Million to Help Revitalize Coal Communities

The University of Kentucky continues its work to improve the economic vitality of communities in southeastern Kentucky. The CEDIK, KSBDC, and Department of Landscape Architecture will partner with the Foundation for Appalachian Kentucky and the Kentucky Main Street Program for revitalization efforts in the Kentucky Promise Zone.

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